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Increased Reach

Posted by Donte Burks on

On yesterday, I ventured a chance and posted the website's address on the Facebook page, and posted as a promotion. To my surprise that promotion reached over a thousand people. My store received over a hundred visitors that night. 

This morning I arrived to work (my day job) and decided to check on my visitation numbers and sales and such; to find that I have received again, over a hundred visitors. All by 8:30 am. I was surprised and delighted to see that. Now I can feel comfort in knowing that I am reaching people. 

No out of these 200+ visitors, I have to admit that none them actually made any purchases. However, I am reminded that when I go to a new site or walk into a new store (locally), I don't always buy on the first visit, so I'm not discouraged. I am hopeful, no confident that some of those visitors will return to actually make purchases. 

However, now is your chance to offer some feedback. Feel free to ping on over to Mister Emporium's Facebook page leave a comment. Do you like the design of the site? Do you like the layout and color scheme. How's the pricing? Is there an item you're looking for that you didn't find? I always welcome feedback. 

Thanks again for visiting.

Mister Emporium

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